Fiona Christeller | Box of Secrets A

Fiona Christeller | Box of Secrets A

Materials: Etched Zinc, Found Silver Plated Lids, Gold Leaf, Wax, Leather, Silk Thread, Felt

B.AppA in Contemporary Jewellery, New Zealand

“Everyday I listen to the radio news and everyday I hear about the continuing plight of people who are born and living where their everyday lives are impacted by war and by the environmental effects of global warming. I could say ‘how lucky I am’ and stick my head in the sand, or I can, in many small ways, attempt to compensate: by creating work which contains a message of support, by living in a sustainable way and by talking to others about the problems around us and how we can help. This discussion is relevant to us all, at play, at work and in all other activities.”