So Fresh + So Clean 2017

Ethical Metalsmiths and EM Students proudly present:

The Fourth Annual Ethical Metalsmiths International Student Exhibition

FRESH: Work that’s happening now, challenging how we define the field of metalsmithing and jewelry.
CLEAN: Looking at how our studio practices impact the environment and human health.

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Greetings from the Ethical Metalsmith Student Committee,

We are thrilled to present the 2017 So Fresh + So Clean Online Juried Exhibition and Emerging Artist Award. The array of work and number of submissions left us truly humbled. To see students engage in environmental, social, and human health concerns in growing numbers speaks well for the future of our field.

Each year, we ask the student community to submit their best work, highlighting their connection to craft tradition as well as the ways in which they view contemporary concerns. By bridging the connection between material sourcing and crafted outcomes, these students show us many approaches to altering our impact on the planet. Through considerate recycling and reuse practices, we find opportunities to keep materials out of the landfill and in useful circulation. In approaching their making from many different perspectives –  from the aesthetic to conceptual to environmental – these artists represent a community of makers who will change the landscape of the metalsmithing field for years to come.

It is a great honor to be a part of this process, and we would like to extend our gratitude to Guest Juror Christine Clark for her contribution to the success of this year’s exhibition.

Finding a way to make a completely green practice is a lofty goal, and continually expanding the knowledge base of ethical studio practices remains the heart of our mission. This effort will always be a product of the contributions of our community members, without whom this would be a hollow effort. We are incredibly thankful to the Ethical Metalsmiths, our award sponsors, and everyone else who volunteers their energy and efforts to move this project forward.

The Ethical Metalsmith Student Committee

Anne Bujold, Everett Hoffman, Haiyin Liang, and Meg Wachs

A very special thank you to our sponsors: