Laurent Danielle “A love letter to 1756 – gem and filigree brooch”

Laurent Danielle “A love letter to 1756 – gem and filigree brooch”
BA (Hons) 2017, Birmingham City University School of Jewellery, Birmingham, England, UK
Materials: Materials: copper, enamel, flocking, EcoSilver, EcoGold, waxed linen, steel, platinol
“In this collection, my pearls are proudly cast using Fairmined silver. Fairmined is an insurance label that certifies responsibly managed community mines and ensures a fair price is paid to the miners, social development for the community and environmental protection. I have also incorporated EcoSilver and EcoGold which are 100% recycled through a traceable process that ensures no additional mining or environmental impact has occurred.”