Amanda Linn “Impermanence Collection”

Amanda Linn “Impermanence Collection”
Post-Baccalaureate student, Oregon College of Art Craft, Portland, OR
Materials: Found rock, tree moss embedded in food-safe Composimold, 18K peach
gold needle mechanism, Test tube (purchased from SCRAP PDX, a creative re-use nonprofit), 14K white gold needle mechanism, fallen tree twig
“I consider both the ethics of the direct source (i.e. Where
does it come from? What are the labor practices? Is it mined? Is it recycled? What are the
associated environmental impacts? Etc.), and also more subtle questions such as what
market(s) am I participating in both by acquiring and using the material? Finally, what are
my production practices and can I eliminate or mitigate the environmental impact of my process.”